Getting It Down On Paper

Writer’s Blog Stardate 1-29-2012

Dear Bloggers and Wannabe’s:

Today’s challenge: Moving the novel from my brain onto the page or laptop. Wow! It all sounded so glorious and easy when I first started talking about it. I mean, how difficult can it be to transfer brilliancy from one space to another? In my naivety I imagined booting up the PC, opening a Word document then taking a deep breath and watching words flow miraculously from my fingers like lightening through a wizards wand. And in this fantasy like fairy tale, I imagined re-writes to be nothing more than mild corrections in grammar and punctuation with possibly a chance of an occasional change in the chosen adjective or adverb.

Boy does the reality ever suck.

Just learning how to take the story from my imagination and getting it down on paper is an art form in itself. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone back over what I’ve just written and discovered that I have suddenly developed dyslexia. I think “How in the heck did my fingers type that?” Or how at the end of my writing session I’ll print off what I’ve just written, with the sole intent of just doing a light edit, and discover that what I’m reading isn’t anything like I thought it should be [thank God some of it was actually better – not worse].

Then there’s the whole; ‘getting lost in the forest because I got so caught up in the trees I forgot where I was going to begin with’ dilemma. It’s not easy keeping track of the story when all these great, unsolicited ideas keep popping into your head and you find yourself embellishing on things to such an extreme that they no longer resemble the original idea. Often costing you time, ink and paper because like all good things that should have been deleted at birth, you discover in the re-read just how badly off course you actually got.


Thank God there is tons of really good advise out there on some of the ways other writers have discovered how to keep track of plot lines, scene and information so they don’t lose track of where they are and where they need to go, or how to keep from giving Peggy Sue red hair on page 12 and green hair on page 36. Thankfully, my A type personality thrives on information [I am secretly an information junkie and am currently attending Type A anonymous meetings 3x per week] so I devour as much information as possible. And like any good filtration system, I keep what I can use and discard what I can’t.

As a result of this painful – yet still fruitful learning curve is that in the future, should I come across such web sites or books, I’m going to try and remember to list them here on my blog site so that other wannabe writer’s can make use of them as well. I figure if you’ve invested ten minutes of your time reading this, then the least I can do is reciprocate with a little free info.

From the laptop of an uncensored dreaming writer.


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